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      Enterprise Academy

      Enterprise Academy

      Helping connect businesses and not-for-profits with our University.

      The Enterprise Academy exists to act as bridge between our University, businesses and social enterprises. It helps to increase the reach and impact of our research and innovation regionally, nationally and internationally.

      The Academy aims to raise general awareness across the University about business and partnerships. It helps colleagues build confidence in managing relationships with partners. By working with out partners, the Academy offers:

      • new training
      • networking
      • speaker events


      From Newcastle. For Partnerships

      We organise seminars and networking events, giving colleagues and industrialists the chance to network and exchange experiences in an informal setting.

      The Enterprise Academy provides training for colleagues around:

      • how to engage with commercial enterprises
      • different routes to commercialisation
      • understanding market forces
      • consulting/collaborating with business

      Research for discovery and impact

      We have four academies across our University. They exist to coordinate, disseminate and catalyse research excellence and impact. Find out more.

      Who to contact

      If you would like to find out more about the Enterprise Academy, contact our Dean of Research and Innovation, Mike Capaldi.