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      Give Back

      Give Back

      Discover the many ways you can make a difference to Newcastle University – as a volunteer or donor.

      Your support makes great things happen

      There are many fulfilling ways you can make a difference to your University – whether you have time or funds to give.

      Build your professional skills in a volunteer role, or make positive change happen with a donation. Your contribution could benefit current students by expanding their horizons, or make university education more accessible to diverse talent. Maybe you'd like to help us create a more inspiring campus, or give our world-leading research a boost.

      Discover the ways you can make a difference below.

      Make a donation

      By choosing to give a gift, you can make a huge and lasting impact. You can target your support in a number of ways. For example, you can direct your gift towards student scholarships, or creating social change via our world-leading research.


      By giving your time as a volunteer, you can develop new skills, gain experience and make professional connections. Through our range of volunteer opportunities, you can support our students and researchers too.