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      Alumni Achievement Awards

      Alumni Achievement Awards

      Join us in celebrating members of your alumni community who are creating outstanding impact.

      A community to be proud of

      Newcastle's alumni are a talented group of people achieving great things. We can all take pride in our community, in which many of us are working towards positive change.

      To honour those who are making an outstanding impact, we run the Alumni Achievement Awards each year. These form part of the Pride of Newcastle University Awards.

      About the awards

      The Alumni Achievement Awards recognise exceptional efforts and achievements in two categories – Rising Star and Alumni Impact. In 2021, we introduced an additional catergory to acknowledge the incredible bravery and determination of our alumni who have been at the forefront of pushing back in the fight against Covid-19 - Outstanding Alumni Support during the Covid-19 Pandemic. 

      Rising Star category

      This award recognises a rising star, up to 10 years after graduation. They’ll be making an impact in their workplace, industry, community or on University life.

      Alumni Impact category

      This award recognises alumni at any point after graduation who meet at least one of the following criteria:

      • outstanding contribution to business or industry
      • outstanding contribution to society or community life
      • potential to inspire the next generation of current and prospective students
      • demonstrate involvement with the University, particularly through volunteering

      Outstanding Alumni Support during the Covid-19 Pandemic category

      This past year has been one none of us could have predicted or planned for, and the changes that this global pandemic have forced onto us all are many and varied. However, in times of adversity there are always people who step to the fore and bring positivity and big changes to help others out. So this year we’re including a special category of awards – an award that recognises outstanding alumni support during the Covid-19 Pandemic. This category is to recognise those alumni who have made a real difference in combating the virus in the past 12 months. From frontline workers to researchers and from teachers to heads of business, you can nominate alumni who have been at forefront of pushing back Covid-19.

      Meet the winners

      Huge congratulations to all our previous winners. Discover their inspiring stories below.