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      Find a friend

      Find a friend

      Reunite with the university friends you’ve lost touch with and rekindle lasting connections.

      We can help you reconnect

      No matter how meaningful your university friendships were, it’s easy to lose touch as life takes you your separate ways.

      If you’ve fallen out of contact with friends and former classmates, help is at hand. We can help you reconnect, catch up and maybe even meet in person. 

      You never know, soon you could be reliving those memories over a coffee, or even getting together for a reunion.

      How Find a Friend works

      Begin your search by joining our global alumni networking platform, NCL spark. Search the online directory to start reconnecting today.

      You can also contact us with your degree details and the person you are trying to contact. We’re happy to make the initial introduction on your behalf by forwarding your message to your old friends. Note that due to data protection rules, we can't share their personal details with you directly. 

      Contact Us

      We would love to hear how Find a Friend has helped you get back in touch with a classmate. Contact us if you’ve got a story to share and email us with your photos.

      Update your details

      We also recommend updating your own details for our alumni records. This means we'll be able to get in touch if anyone is looking to find you. It also means you'll keep up to date with all the latest news and opportunities from your alumni network.