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      Tuition Fee Discount

      Tuition Fee Discount

      Enjoy a discount on tuition fees for further study.

      Build on the success of your first degree

      As a Newcastle graduate, you can enjoy a discount on tuition fees when you embark on your lifelong learning with Newcastle University.

      Learn more about discounted study.

      Were you an international student at Newcastle? Your close family members may be eligible for a scholarship to study at our Newcastle campus. These scholarships are worth 10% of tuition fees.

      Learn more about international family study discounts.

      Graduate further study discount

      Dive deeper into a subject you’re passionate about, work with our world-leading academics and develop advanced skills.

      As a graduate of Newcastle University, you’re entitled to 20% off tuition fees for any university credit bearing programme, including short courses, PGCE, postgraduate or undergraduate degrees.

      As alumni, you are also offered a minimum of 10% discount on tuition fees on all non-credit bearing lifelong learning courses. There’s no better time to further your knowledge and experience.

      Karina's postgraduate story

      Hear from Karina Sorrels, NUSU's 2019/20 Postgraduate Officer, about why she chose to study for a postgraduate degree in British History at Newcastle University, and what to expect in the postgraduate experience.


      Amy's Master's: the best decision

      Applying for a Master’s after three years’ hard work as an undergraduate can be a tough decision. Find out why it was the best decision Amy ever made on the road to her dream career.

      Read Amy's Blog

      Apply for your postgraduate degree

      Find the postgraduate degree you’re passionate about and submit your application. We’re here to support you every step of the way.

      Once you've chosen a course, you can create, edit and submit your application via our online portal. Our easy-to-follow guide can help you through the process.

      Find out more about lifelong learning, undergraduate and postgraduate discounts.

      International family study discounts

      We're here to support you and your family to access world-leading teaching. Close relatives of our international students and graduates can enjoy a 10% tuition fee discount.

      By 'international student' we mean someone classified as 'international' for tuition fee purposes. The discount lasts for the whole of the degree programme and is available for study at the Newcastle city campus. Eligible family members are:

      • husband
      • wife
      • brother
      • sister
      • mother
      • father
      • son
      • daughter

      It's never been a better time to start your shared journey to success and family memories.