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      Request a copy of documents

      Request a copy of documents

      Get a copy of official documents like your degree certificate, or request a character reference.

      Request the documents and references you need

      Perhaps you’re applying for a dream job or further study. Or maybe you’ve misplaced your records of study at Newcastle. If you need official documents or a character reference from the University, we can point you in the right direction.

      How to access your documents

      You can find out how to get a copy of specific documents by visiting our Exams and Awards site.

      Request a character reference

      Your Faculty, School or Research Unit will help you source a reference. Contact us if you need help getting in touch. 

      Third party verifications

      There are times when you may need to prove your university qualifications to a company, university or other organisation. Our Exams and Awards team can provide verification of your award(s) to a third party. Visit their site to make a verification request.